QLC+ is a free and cross-platform software to control DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc.
This project is a fork of the great QLC project written by Heikki Junnila that aims to continue the QLC development and to introduce new features.
The primary goal is to bring QLC+ at the level of other lighting control commercial softwares.
QLC+ runs on Linux, Windows (XP+), macOS (10.7+) and the Raspberry Pi.

QLC+ 5 Preview - Update #3


Let's start this 2018 with some juicy updates to the QLC+ 5 developments. Keep the faith, we're almost there for a very preliminary release. In the meantime, have a look at my latest QLC+ 5 update blog post.

15 years of lighting


2017 is over, my latest blog post here.
I wish everyone a happy (and more relaxed) new 2018.

QLC+ 4.11.1


QLC+ 4.11.1 is available for immediate download. Full announcement here.

QLC+ 4.11.0


QLC+ 4.11.0 is available for immediate download. Please take some time to read the full announcement here.

A change on Sequences, QLC+ 4.11.0 approaching


I had to make some major changes to how QLC+ handles Sequences. For this reason the next QLC+ version will be 4.11.0. Since these changes are already upstream, to avoid complains after 4.11.0 is released, if you use Sequences you are invited to read this blog post and help the project by providing feedbacks on these latest changes, for a good 4.11.0.
Thanks in advance !

Theatre guys, your feedbacks appreciated


As the QLC+ project is constantly evolving and hopefully improving, during the Christmas holidays I dedicated some effort to tackle a couple of long standing issues frequently encountered in a theatre workflow.
You can find some long discussions in the forum regarding monitor+override sliders and blended crossfade.
Both those needs should now be covered and up to date test versions are available for every platform, including the related documentation updated.
So I kindly ask everybody interested in those features, to please provide feedbacks in the above forum discussions, to allow me to understand if the current solutions make everybody happy.

QLC+ 5, where art thou ?


After a sooo long time, here's some updates to the QLC+ 5 development status !
Please go to the QLC+ 5 update #2 blog post

QLC+ 4.10.5b


Here's some more corrections to the 4.10.5 version. Most significant is data input from PRO DMX devices, which was not working properly, especially on Windows.
I also processed a couple of issue reports and included the latest submitted fixtures.
I think it is now time to update the Raspberry Pi image as well with the latest changes.

  • engine: fixed 4.10.5 regression on RGB Matrix preset step color calculation
  • Virtual Console/Frame: fixed widgets disable state when switching pages
  • Virtual Console: fixed SpeedDial and Animation widget presets feedbacks, and allow to use custom feedbacks
  • Plugins/DMX USB: fixed 4.10.5 regression preventing to receive data from PRO devices
  • Plugins/DMX USB: [Windows] fixed a long standing bug causing random crashes when receiving DMX data
  • Plugins/MIDI: [macOS] further changes to support virtual ports
  • New fixtures: Stairville M-Fog 1000 DMX, Cameo Superfly XS (thanks to Konni)
  • New fixture: ColorKey WaferPar Quad-W 12 (thanks to Taylor)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED PARty RGBW (thanks to Heiko Fanieng)
  • New fixture: lightmaXX Platinum CLS-1 (thanks to Marc Geonet)

QLC+ 4.10.5a, test builds and tools


Unfortunately it happened again. I had to re-release 4.10.5 because an issue has been spotted a few days after 4.10.5, affecting the playback of a Chaser within a Chaser.
The fix took me about 5 minutes to be done, and I'd like to take this unfortunate event to encourage everyone to check from time to time the forum TEST version page. I've dedicated quite a lot of effort to be able to offer automated builds, and in my opinion those are a great chance to test the next QLC+ version and check that your projects are working properly, and in case, report if something doesn't work for you. This would save to me and to you a great deal of time on a version that is not good enough for everyone.
Furthermore, it can be an opportunity for users to contribute back to this project where our automated code tests (which are a lot, I can guarantee) fail to detect complex usage misbehaviours.
As for automated builds, we now have also Windows versions, thanks to the AppVeyor service. Also, I have enabled the OLA plugin in Linux Ubuntu packages built by the OpenSUSE build service (OBS). It doesn't come as a surprise though that no solution is available at the moment to produce automated builds for macOS.
Last but not least, I've dedicated some time to create an online fixture validator where you can check if your fixtures are good to be submitted to the QLC+ forum.
I have filtered the most common errors that I've noticed in the last years.
If you have suggestions and feedbacks to improve it, please report in the forums. Thanks.

QLC+ 4.10.5


Here's another maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.10 family.
There's not much to say that the changelog below doesn't say but indeed 66 new fixtures is worth a big thank you to everyone who helped with their contribution.
During the last 6 months I've dedicated most of my efforts to the QLC+ 5 developments, including some "under the hood" changes to the engine to lay ground for a solid support of 6 different platforms.
I've piled up a lot of things to show, so expect a couple of update videos pretty soon, showing how QLC+ 5 is shaping up for the next generation lighting control.
Recently, I've also abandoned the web hosting service causing lot of disconnection issues and weird errors with the forum. I've moved everything to a new space that so far looks faster and more reliable. If you still experience issues, please let us know in the forums.

  • Engine: added indigo to fixture channel colors (thanks to Axel Metzke)
  • Engine: properly handle RGB Matrices with generic dimmers (Jano Svitok)
  • UI/Function Manager: fix crash when trying to clone a folder (David Garyga)
  • UI/RGB Matrix Editor: editor preview doesn't stop when testing the Function
  • UI/Collection Editor: allow multiple selection and added Function reordering buttons
  • UI/Remap: fixed universes list in target mapping
  • UI/Remap: fixed wrong Scene remapping when mixing cloned and new fixtures
  • UI/Remap: added remapping also of Fixture Groups
  • Virtual Console/Frame: Show page number when collapsed (thanks to Matthias Gubisch)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: allow to choose playback buttons layout (Play/Pause + Stop or Play/Stop + Pause)
  • Plugins/DMX USB: fixed crash happening on PRO devices when receiving a full universe
  • Plugins/DMX USB: [MacOS] fixed regression caused by the Qt libraries on PRO devices
  • Plugins/MIDI: [MacOS] added support for virtual ports, show only active devices and properly handle hotplug
  • Fixture Editor: fixed minimum value of a new capability not updating correctly
  • RGB Scripts: added One by one (Jano Svitok)
  • New fixtures: Pro-Lights LumiPIX 12Q, Proel PLLEDMLBG (thanks to Andrea Ugolini)
  • New fixtures: Stairville DCL Flat Par 18x4W CW/WW, Cameo LED MultiPAR CLM-PAR-COB1 (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixtures: High End Systems Studio Beam, lightmaXX EASY Wash 5IVE LED (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: iSolution iColor 4 (thanks to withlime)
  • New fixtures: ETC ColorSource Spot, Blizzard Lighting LB-Par Hex (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Chameleon QBar Pro,DJ Vizi Beam RXONE, XS 600, Focus Spot Three Z (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: JB-Lighting Varyscan P6, Cameo Wookie series, Cameo Hydrabeam series (thanks to Andres Robles)
  • New fixture: Chauvet RotoSphere LED (thanks to Carl Eisenbeis)
  • New fixture: Briteq Spectra 3D Laser (thanks to Robert Box + Freasy)
  • New fixture: Martin MH2 Wash (thanks to John Yiannikakis + Freasy)
  • New fixture: American DJ Flat Par Tri7X (thanks to Brian)
  • New fixtures: Ledj Stage Color 24, 59 7Q5 RGBW, 59 7Q5 RGBA (thanks to Paul Wilton)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Inno Spot Elite, Stinger, Tri Phase (thanks to Piotr Nowik)
  • New fixtures: Showtec Phantom 95 LED Spot, Futurelight PHS-260 (thanks to Piotr Nowik)
  • New fixture: Blizzard Lighting Rocklite RGBAW (thanks to Larry Wall)
  • New fixture: American DJ Comscan LED (thanks to Chris)
  • New fixtures: PR Lighting XL 250/XL 700 Wash/XL 700 Spot, American DJ Accu Fog 1000 (thanks to István Király)
  • New fixtures: Equinox Ultra Scan LED, Kam Powercan84W, QTX HZ-3 (thanks to Chris Moses)
  • New fixture: Eurolite TMH-10 (thank to exmatrikulator)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS 5 BCL, Robe Fog 1500 FT (thanks to Christian Hollbjär)
  • New fixture: SGM Giotto Spot 400 (thanks to Mihai Andrei)
  • New fixture: Pulse LEDBAR 320 (thanks to Allan Rhynas)
  • New fixture: Equinox Swing Batten (thanks to Dean Clough)
  • New fixture: Cameo Pixbar 600 PRO, Chauvet COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour (thanks to Andrew Hallmark)
  • New fixture: Involight FM900 DMX (thanks to Jászberény Szabolcs)
  • New fixture: Showtec Stage Blinder Series (thanks to Antoni J. Canós)
  • New fixture: MARQ Gamut PAR H7 (thanks to Lance Lyda)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet: SlimPAR QUV12 USB, SlimPAR PRO H USB, Scorpion Bar RG (thanks to Pete Mueller)
  • New fixture: Stairville CLB8 Compact LED PAR System (thanks to Detlef Fossan)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Cubix 2.0 (thanks to Jungle Jim)
  • New fixture: Showtec Giant XL LED (thanks to Samuel Hofmann)
  • New fixtures: SGM: Idea Beam 300, Idea Led Bar 100, Idea Spot 700, Newton 1200 (thanks to Oscar Cervesato)
  • New fixtures: Pro Lights LumiPAR18QTour, Elation SIXPAR 200IP (thanks to Oscar Cervesato)
  • New fixture: Stairville Beam Moving Head B5R, American DJ Flat Par TW12, Varytec Easy Scan XT Mini (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)

QLC+ 4.10.4


QLC+ 4.10.4 is a bugfix release that aims to resolve a few issues and regressions reported by users during the last months.
As usual though, this version brings also important news regarding specific areas:

  • I have introduced a real pause state of QLC+ Functions. This state can be accessed from Virtual Console Cue Lists and from the Show Manager.
    A Cue List now has 2 separate buttons for playback: Play/Pause and Stop.
    When pausing, lights will stay on, and "frozen" exactly where they were, even during a fade in transition. This breaks backward compatibility with external control mapping, cause now you have to map 2 different controls, so you are strongly invited to review your project if you intend to use this version.
    On the other hand I hope the benefit is clear: this distinction gives maximum flexibility of control of a Cue List/Chaser playback, especially for theatre usage cases.
  • With the LED color feedback in mind, I finally implemented global custom feedbacks that can be defined just once in an input profile. They can always be overridden from every VC widget, like before.
  • Again, for flexibility, I decided to split MIDI beat clock start and stop events, so if you're using such feature, please double check your project.
Now a few deployment updates:
  • Every Linux build now includes the OLA plugin, but OLA is not a hard dependency of the package. The plugin will be listed in the IO manager only if OLA is actually installed in the system.
  • Windows builds now include Qt 5.6.0 built by me, without ICU libraries. The final package size has been reduced by 700Kb.
  • Mac OSX bundles include Qt 5.6.0 as well, the vanilla version
  • The Raspberry Pi image has been ported to Debian Jessie ! This is a huge step forward and the boot time is lighting fast: 12 seconds on a Raspberry Pi 3 !
    Notification emails will be sent later today.
  • Scripts: Fix 4.10.3a regression that breaks values parsing (David Garyga)
  • Engine: fix relative paths when opening a project from the command line
  • Engine: improved the start/stop mechanism of Functions within a Show
  • Chaser Editor: a newly created step is now selected automatically
  • Scene Editor: fixed the tab order of the fixtures
  • Show Manager: added the possibility to pause a Show leaving the lights on
  • Show Manager/Audio: allow to display the waveform preview while playing a file
  • UI/Function Selection: fix crash on workspaces where a scene ID is bigger than its sequence ID (David Garyga)
  • UI/Video: fixed the fullscreen positioning on Windows
  • Virtual Console/Animation: fix behavior issue when changing the associated function (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Frames: send feedbacks for the enable button
  • Virtual Console/Frames: fix 4.10.3 regression causing frames to resize after configuration
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: playback can now be paused and resumed (see documentation)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: added a dedicated stop button, with external controls
  • Virtual Console/XYPad: fixed computation of reversed fixture position (Luca Ugolini)
  • Plugins/OSC: fixed regression of receiving data from the wrong interface (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/OSC: fixed regression causing not receiving data anymore when changing the input profile (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/MIDI: distinguish MIDI beat clock start and stop (see documentation)
  • Input Profiles Editor: it is now possible to define button custom feedbacks in a profile (see documentation)
  • New input profile: Novation Launchpad Pro (thanks to David Giardi)
  • New RGB script: Balls (color) (thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen)
  • Fixture updated: Starway MaxKolor-18 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo and Robert Box)
  • Fixture updated: Cameo LED RGBW PAR64 18x8W (thanks to Lukas)
  • New fixture: American DJ Mega QA Par38 (thanks to Nathan Durnan)
  • New fixture: Martin MAC 250 Wash (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: Luxibel LX161 (thanks to Freddy Hoogstoel)
  • New fixture: Stairville MH-X60th LED Spot (thanks to Jasper Zevering)
  • New fixture: Cameo CLHB400RGBW (thanks to Mihai Andrei)
  • New fixture: Showlite Flood Light Panel 144x10mm LED RGBW (thanks to Ex)
  • New fixture: Color Imagination LedSpot 90 (SI-052), Robe Spot 575 XT (thanks to DJ Ladonin)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Mini Kinta (thanks to Jonathan Wilson)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED ML-56 QCL RGBW-RGBA 18x8W (thanks to Matthijs ten Berge)
  • New fixture: High End Systems TechnoSpot (thanks to Tom Moeller)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Inno Pocket Spot Twins, Fog Fury 3000 WiFly, Event Bar Pro (thanks to MaBonzo)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Galaxian Gem IR, Vizi Roller Beam 2R (thanks to MaBonzo)
  • New fixture: Ayra ERO 506 (thanks to Bert Heikamp)
  • New fixture: Ayrton Arcaline 100 RGB, Martin Magnum Hazer (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Asteroid 1200, Eurolite GKF-60, Eurolite LED FE-700 (thanks to Flox Garden)
  • New fixtures: Antari X-310 Pro Fazer, lightmaXX CLS-2 (thanks to Flox Garden)
  • New fixture: Beamz MHL90 Wash 5x18W RGBAW-UV (thanks to Hans Erik Tjelum)
  • New fixture: PR Lighting Pilot 150 (thanks to David Read)
  • New fixture: lightmaXX Platinum CLS-1 (thanks to Marc Geonet)

New forum categories, remarks and contacts


The more users start to approach QLC+, the more the forum is getting messy. Most of it because people don't read the forum guidelines, and don't provide the necessary details for who reads the post to understand the issue and therefore give help.
So today I have created 15 new forum categories, trying to guide users to the appropriate section and create some order out of chaos, with the hope to implicitely provide some basic information.
I renamed the huge "Issue, feedbacks and ideas" forum into "Archive" and no more new threads are to be started there.
Now please allow me a few remarks. Sometimes I can be caustic, I know that, but after 3 years of QLC+, I think I have seen the worst out of people.
Aside from maintaining QLC+ 4, developing QLC+ 5, improving the Raspberry Pi image, maintaining the website, producing video tutorials and documentation and studying new techonologies for the project, I am also a moderator of the forums, and whether you like it or not, there are rules to follow. I become nasty when someone clearly ignores them, and then claims to be right when I make them noticing it.
Some come to the forum with the answers in their pockets, or saying "I have 30 years of experience" or "I am a project manager". You can even be the Pope, but I truly don't care.
When you want to be part of a community, you come with humility and moreover after you have understood that the QLC+ project is carried on by the spare time of volounteers, and not by a company.
You will never hear me saying QLC+ is perfect, but that's not an excuse not to respect what has been done so far.
The more openness this project has, the more people will abuse it. That's the opinion I ended up having, based on several facts I observed during the years.
There was a time my personal email address was public in this website. And I had to remove it because people abused it.
Quite frequently I receive requests of contact from every corner of the internet, on every possible "social" channel. I receive emails in every language, especially from italian people, who are the first I will ignore.
Please stop. We're not mates. This project is not only me. Use the forum and you will find out that a) you will learn the english language and b) you will probably find nice people that will help you.
In private, I accept only requests of contact from serious people, who wants to contribute to QLC+ or have interesting projects in mind that require my advise.
In conclusion, the positive aspect of this writing of mine, is that I am upset cause I still care about this project. When I will not care anymore of people's ignorance, most likely this project will be dead.

QLC+ 4.10.3


Here's the third maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.10 family. It brings a massive amount of fixes and improvements, thanks mostly to David Garyga, and 48 new fixtures thanks to the awesome work of Robert Box and to all the users who submitted them for review.
Many fixes also on HTP/LTP cases, on the ArtNet and OSC plugins and on crashes using audio input.
There's been also some under the hood changes, to improve the architecture and solve some licensing issues. One example is that this version delivers a brand new version of the integrated web server. This new implementation allows to have multiple websockets running, as well as HTML pages delivery. We took the chance to add a preliminary web DMX keypad, thanks to Santiago.
I know, some of you expected to have a UI keypad first, but at this point I believe it is a QLC+ 5 matter.
Regarding that, I hope to be able to provide an update about the development status quite soon.


  • Engine: Fix intensity channels forced back to HTP after LTP not working correctly (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix functions with low intensity killing current fade outs (David Garyga)
  • Audio Capture: Fix crash when selecting another audio input while a capture is running (David Garyga)
  • Audio Capture: Fix crash when trying to use a wrongly configured audio input (David Garyga)
  • Scene Editor: Remember Channels Groups values when saving and loading a workspace (David Garyga)
  • Scene Editor: Remember fixtures even with no activated channel (David Garyga)
  • RGBMatrix Editor: Fix preview now working when fade in > 0 (David Garyga)
  • RGBMatrix Editor: Fix length of fadeout on the preview (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: Fix crash when editing the total time of an empty chaser (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager/Function Selection: Fix sequences always displayed even with Chasers and Scenes both filtered out (David Garyga)
  • Speed Dials: Fix display and input of the milliseconds field, update precision from 10ms to 1ms (David Garyga)
  • Input/Output Manager: Forbid deleting universes in the middle of the list, this prevents a lot of bugs and crashes (David Garyga)
  • Simple Desk: the number of faders is now dynamic depending on the window size (unless forced via config file)
  • Plugins/ArtNet: Fix input and output initialization conflict that results in no input (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/ArtNet: Allow sending and receiving ArtNet on several different interfaces (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/ArtNet: Allow selecting a different ArtNet input universe (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/ArtNet: Fix configuration issue that prevents setting a parameter back to its default value (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/OSC: Fix configuration issue that prevents setting a parameter back to its default value (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/OSC: OSC Output values range from 0.0 to 1.0
  • Plugins/OSC: Properly handle OSC bundles (restores Lemur compatibility)
  • Virtual Console: Fix copy of a frame containing a submaster slider resulting in a broken submaster (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: Enable function filters in playback function selection (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: Allow to force to LTP color channels controlled by a Click & Go button
  • Virtual Console/Solo Frame: Fix sliders in playback mode not actually stopping the attached function when the slider reaches 0 (David Garyga, thanks to Tubby)
  • Virtual Console/Animation: Can now be used in solo frames (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Frames: fix page cloning of a nested multipage frame
  • Virtual Console/Frames: fix disabling frame pages. Now widgets get actually deleted
  • Web access: fixed custom fixtures loading
  • Web access: added a DMX keypad that can be accessed from the Simple Desk (thanks to Santiago Benejam Torres)
  • Input profiles: added Behringer BCR2000 (thanks to Michael Trojacher)
  • Input profiles: added Lemur iPad Studio Combo
  • RGB Scripts: added Strobe script (thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen)
  • New fixtures: Stellar Labs ECO LED PAR56, Chauvet Colorpalette II (thanks to Jimmy Traylor)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet: COLORado 1 Solo, Ovation FD-165WW, Rogue RH1 Hybrid, COLORdash Par Hex 12, COLORdash Accent Quad (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet: Vue 1.1, Intimidator Spot 100 IRC, Abyss USB, COREpar 40 USB, COREpar UV USB (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet: Intimidator Scan 305 IRC, Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC, SlimPAR T6 USB, SlimBANK TRI-18 (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Eurolite LED CLS-9 QCL RGBW 9x8W 12, JB-Lighting A12 Tunable White, SGM G-Profile (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Coemar Par Lite LED RGB, OXO LED Funstrip DMX, American DJ Stinger II (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: Chauvet LED PAR 64 Tri-C (thanks to Jungle Jim and Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ VBar, American DJ Jellydome, Briteq LDP Powerbar 6TC/12TC (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: Sagitter Slimpar 18 RGB (thanks to Daniele Fogale)
  • New fixture: Microh LED Tri Bar (thanks to Michael Tughan)
  • New fixture: American DJ 12P Hex Pearl (thanks to Ethan Moses)
  • New fixture: JB-Lighting JBLED A7 (thanks to BLACKsun)
  • New fixture: Chauvet COREpar 80 USB (thanks to Chris Gill)
  • New fixture: Stairville DJ Lase 25+25-G MK-II (thanks to galaris)
  • New fixtures: PR Lighting XR 230 Spot, PR Lighting XLED 1037 (thanks to Ovidijus Cepukas)
  • New fixtures: Futurelight DJ-Scan 600, Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBW+UV (thanks to Ovidijus Cepukas)
  • New fixtures: Varytec LED Pad 7 BA-D, American DJ X-Scan LED Plus, Showtec Blade Runner (thanks to DjProWings)
  • New fixture: Involight LED CC60S (thanks to Stephane Hofman)
  • New fixture: Stairville MH-x200 Pro Spot (thanks to Mirek Škop)
  • New fixtures: Varytec LED Giga Bar 4 MKII, Eurolite LED KLS Laser Bar FX Light Set (thanks to Daniel Schauder)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Mayhem (thanks to Jonathan Wilson)
  • New fixture: Ayra TDC Agaricus (thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen)
  • New fixture: American DJ Pinspot LED Quad DMX (thanks to Christian Polzer)
  • New fixture: Stairville AF-180 LED Fogger Co2 FX (thanks to Johannes Uhl)

Video tutorial #7 - Positions and EFX


After a long time and many changes to QLC+, I've been able to produce a new video tutorial to cover the aspects concerning positions and EFX.
It is a 40 minutes long video (couldn't do better, sorry) that explains some positioning aspects and suggests a few ways to help reducing the time spent during the project design phase.
You can find the new video in the tutorials page together with the project used in the video and a 11 pages PDF integrating what is explained in the video.
Hope you enjoy !

Please double check your workspace (updated)


QLC+ 4.10.2 switched to a new way to load and save workspaces. Basically this brings 2 things:

  • a Qt library called QtXml is not needed anymore, reducing the QLC+ package size
  • XML tags of your qxw files are now always saved with the same order, thus allowing files to be scriptable or easily compared
This has been a huge change to the whole QLC+ code, and of course it has been tested with a number of different workspaces, even monster ones.
Unfortunately it is already happening for some users to experience missing parts of their workspaces, especially in the Virtual Console. If that happens to you, then do not use 4.10.2 yet and don't overwrite your project !

[Update 15.12.2015] Version 4.10.2b has replaced any other 4.10.2 version and the load/save behaviour is now back to normality. Thanks for your patience.

QLC+ 4.10.2


QLC+ 4.10.2 is a maintenance release delivering a wagon of fixes and improvements.
I'll try to highlight the major changes that you should be aware of. For the rest, please read carefully the extensive changelog.

  • QLC+ now supports USB devices hotplug ! Please use this carefully, especially when (un)plugging devices that are transmitting/receiving. For now MIDI, DMXUSB, HID and Peperoni take advantage of this mechanism.
  • Removed the intensity parameter from the EFX editor. This (and the next item) are an encouragement for you to design modular light shows, where QLC+ Functions should have a logical meaning depending on the channels they control. It didn't really make sense to control the intenisty channel from a Function specifically designed for positions.
  • A Virtual Console Slider in playback mode will ignore fade in/out times. Again, for more flexibility, we decided that a Function attached to a Slider should be manually faded in and out. If you need fade automations, then the usage of Buttons and a Slider in submaster mode is the solution you're looking for.
  • It is now possible to perform a DMX dump on an existing Scene. This can come handy when editing an existing workspace to adapt it to new needs or a different stage set.
  • Preliminary support for rotary encoders. In the Input Profile editor, there's a new channel type called "Encoder" which tells QLC+ to treat incoming values as relative. Since devices do not behave all in the same way, feedbacks are welcome here to improve this feature.
  • Added Fixture group preset to XYPad widget. This is pretty useful to reduce the number of XYPad widgets in your Virtual Console and to select just the fixtures you need to control.
Also, the fixtures number is stunningly increasing. Thanks to everyone who submitted new fixtures and to Robert Box, who is doing an amazing job in patiently reviewing definitions and creating new ones.


  • Engine: added support for devices hotplug (DMX USB, MIDI, HID, Peperoni)
  • Engine: Universe passthrough data is now merged with QLC+ output, it is not affected by QLC+ processing (except for blackout) and it appears in the DMX monitor (Jano Svitok)
  • Audio: fixed playback of 24/32 bit wave files and Show Manager waveform preview
  • DMX Dump: it is now possible to dump DMX values on an existing Scene
  • ClickAndGo Widgets: Preset widgets now display the channel name on top of the capability list (David Garyga)
  • Function Manager: fix startup Function not cleared when deleting it (David Garyga)
  • Function Manager: highlight current startup Function when opening the Function selection dialog (David Garyga)
  • Function Selection: Don't lose the current selection when changing the function type filter (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: fixed looped functions never stopping with certain durations (Jano Svitok)
  • Show Manager: fixed copy/paste of an existing Chaser
  • Show Manager: fix crashes when copying a sequence on an empty track (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: repair conflicting sequences when loading a broken workspace (David Garyga)
  • EFX Editor: removed the intensity control. Please use separate Scenes for that
  • Virtual Console/Slider: fixed copy of the channel monitor mode (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: in level mode, activate only in operate mode and don't hold forced LTP channels (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Slider: in playback mode, ignore the fade in/fade out of the attached Function (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/XYPad: added Fixture Group preset, to control a subgroup of Fixtures (see documentation)
  • Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: fixture ranges can now be set in degrees, percentage or DMX values
  • Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: fix manual input selection for presets (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: improved mixed usage of crossfader and next/previous buttons (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: fix effect of a submaster slider on a Cue List in crossfader mode (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Cue List: fix crash when adding steps to the chaser being run by a Cue List (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: fix virtual console buttons triggering (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console/Input Selection: allow custom feedbacks only on an assigned source and don't crash (David Garyga)
  • DMX Monitor: Fix strobing in 2D view (Jano Svitok)
  • Fixture Editor: Fix crash in the Channel Editor (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/uDMX: added support for clone (thanks to Vitalii Husach)
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: (Linux) fixed data transmission of DMX4ALL NanoDMX
  • Input Profiles: added an option for Buttons to always generate a press/release event
  • New input profile: Touch OSC Automat5
  • New input profile: Novation Launch Control (thanks to Giacomo Gorini)
  • Updated fixture: Stairville xBrick Full-Colour 16X3W (thanks to Rico Hansen)
  • Updated fixture: Stairville MH-100 Beam 36x3 LED (thanks to Antoni J. Canos)
  • Updated fixture: American DJ Revo 3 (thanks to David Pilato)
  • New fixture: American DJ Dotz Flood
  • New fixture: Chauvet COLORdash Par Quad-7
  • New fixtures: Robe ColorWash 1200E AT, American DJ Starburst, Chauvet LED PAR 64 Tri-B (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Cameo Multi Par 3, HQ Power VDPL110CC LED Tri Spot, Showtec LED Pixel Track Pro (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: American DJ: Inno Pocket Z4, On-X, WiFly EXR Dotz Par, WiFly EXR HEX5 IP, COB Cannon Wash Pearl (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: BoomTone DJ Sky bar 288 LED, BoomToneDJ Strob LED 18, BoomToneDJ Froggy LED RGBW (thanks to Didou)
  • New fixture: iSolution iMove 250W (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: Talent BL63 10" LED Bar (thanks to FooSchnickens)
  • New fixtures: Contest Oz-37x15QC, Evora DUO B2R, Evora Beam 5R, Evora Beam 15R (thanks to Jan Lachman)
  • New fixtures: Blizzard Lighting Lil G, Pixellicious, Lo-Pro CSI (thanks to Alton Olson)
  • New fixtures: Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5, Showtec Power Spot 9 Q6 Tour V1 (thanks to Samuel)
  • New fixture: Blizzard Lighting StormChaser (thanks to Brent)
  • New fixtures: Showtec Explorer 250 Pro MKII, Showtec Pixel Bar 12 (thanks to Henk de Gunst)
  • New fixture: Philips Selecon PLProfile1 MkII (thanks to Freasy)
  • New fixture: PSL Strip Led RGB code K2014 (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • New fixture: Chauvet SlimPar Pro Tri (thank to Bulle)
  • New fixture: Chauvet GigBar IRC (thanks to JD-HP-DV7 and Jungle Jim)
  • New fixtures: Ghost Green 30, KOOLlight 3D RGB Laser, Mac Mah Mac FOG DMX (thanks to David Pilato)

QLC+ 4.10.1


Alright, this is the version I meant to release 3 days ago.
Unfortunately last minute changes introduced a few regressions, and the lack of time and tests contributed to ruin the previous release.
The most affected users were the Raspberry Pi and the Linux ones. Sorry about that !
Everyone is invited to use this version and we're excited to receive feedbacks on the lots of new features !


  • Virtual Console/Cue List: improved step fader behaviour (David Garyga)
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: Fixed regression affecting Linux users and OSX users using the libFTDI interface
  • Plugins/ArtNet/E1.31/OSC: Improved network interfaces detection
  • New fixture: Enterius EC-133DMX (thanks to Krzysztof Ratynski)
  • New fixture: Showtec Dragon F-350 (thanks to Jasper Zevering)
  • New fixtures: JB Systems Lounge Laser DMX, JB Systems Super Solar RGBW (thanks to Robert Box)

QLC+ 4.10.0


I don't even know where to start.
The last two months have been incredibly busy on GitHub and amazing features and improvements have been delivered to QLC+. We worked on a lot of the software areas, so this version is huge. We also fixed bugs that were there since ages.
For this reason I decided to write a page dedicated to QLC+ 4.10.0 to spend a few lines for some of the new features that you will find in this version. Please take your time to read it, as it includes important notes.

I would like to thank everyone who participated to finalize this version, providing fixtures, scripts, translations, input profiles and feedbacks during the "beta" stage. In particular a big thank you to Robert Box, who is now part of the QLC+ team as fixtures reviewer !
Thanks also to the BitWizard team that donated some Raspberry Pi DMX interfaces for integration and tests.

Help needed to test incoming 4.10.0 version


The title says it all. A new massive version is nearing and we need all the possible help to make sure we're on the right track (and avoid a 4.10.1 version after a week)
Details and download links can be found in this forum post.
Thanks in advance !

QLC+ 5 Preview - Update #1


I hoped to publish one video each month, but this challenge is much harder than I thought.
So here it is at last, a new video showing some updates of the QLC+ 5 UI developments.
As usual, please do not ask for a release date ! Sooner or later the time will come on its own.
I also started a new area in the QLC+ forum called "Blog". The idea is to share quick updates of the activities around QLC+.
You can already find an article about the QLC+ 5 Preview video.
Hope you enjoy

QLC+ 4.9.1


After only 10 days from the 4.9.0 release, a new patch release is needed to fix some macro-issues raised in the past days.
I don't have much to say about this version, except for one remark: this could have been avoided, and believe me, releasing a new version of QLC+ costs me a lot of time.
A pre-release version of QLC+ 4.9.0 has been online for 2 weeks before getting released, but apparently it didn't get much attention or visibility by the forum users.
Bugs have started to be reported 2 days after the release, so it's probably my fault for choosing the wrong way to communicate with the QLC+ community (or people are just scared by the "beta" word and ignore any request of cooperation)


  • RGBMatrix: SingleShot RGBMatrix make use of FadeOut time (David Garyga)
  • RGBMatrix Editor: Update duration when changing fade in time (David Garyga)
  • Monitor: fixed values update of EFX in relative mode
  • VC Audio Triggers: fixed triggers enable from the web interface
  • VC Audio Triggers: restored audio level fader
  • VC Speed Dial: Allow ms precision for absolute range (David Garyga)
  • Simple Desk: restored the icon to delete a Cue (Jano Svitok)
  • UI: fixed channel group sliders not showing up
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: fixed for the (hopefully) last time Stageprofi data transmission
  • Plugins/OSC: fixed data receive on loopback interface
  • Plugins/OSC: fixed messages with a name length multiple of 4 not received
  • RGB Scripts: add Waves script (thanks to Nathan Durnan)
  • New fixtures: Showtec Compact Par 18 Tri MKII, Showtec Indigo 150 LED, Elation Rayzor Q7 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Eurolite Led Theatre 36x3W CW/WW, Martin Viper AirFX, Clay Paky Glow Up, Martin CX-10 Extreme (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: Sagitter Slimpar 7DL (thanks to Damiano Mologni)
  • New fixture: Varytec LED Hellball 3 (thanks to Daniel)
  • New fixtures: Botex-DPX-620-III, Stairville AF-40 DMX (thanks to Yateri)
  • New fixture: Cameo Gobo Scanner 60 (thanks to Tobi Vossen)
  • New fixtures: Stairville LED Flood Panel 150, Eurolite PST 15W QCL RGB (thanks to Ralf Herold)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED D-400 RGBAW 3W DMX (thanks to Alexander Grözinger)

QLC+ 4.9.0


Here it is: version 4.9.0, the 30th release of the QLC+ project in just 2.5 years !
At first it wanted to be another bugfix release, and as you can see from the massive changelog, David continued his excellent activity of fixing and improving some misbehaviour of the UI and weaknesses of the engine.
Then there's been the chance to add some new features and the version became a new minor.

Here's a few notes to be considered for using this version:

  • QLC+ now saves plugins configuration into the project file, to give you more portability across platforms. This means that once you configure a plugin and save your project, QLC+ will read that configuration and not the global settings.
  • if you use OSC, ArtNet and E1.31, you might need to review your project IO setup
  • OSX user can now enjoy the support for HID joysticks/gamepads too !
  • Windows DMX USB freezes should be solved now. Please test again Stageprofi and the devices that gave issues in the past
  • The Windows build system has changed and the package now bundles Qt 5.4.2. You need to uninstall any previous version before installing 4.9.0
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, especially for 47 new fixtures !


  • Function Manager: Fix sequences sometimes loaded in the chaser folder (David Garyga)
  • RGBMatrix: Automatic "dimmer set to 100%" feature can be disabled (David Garyga)
  • Input Selection: Unpatched universes not considered as invalid anymore (David Garyga)
  • Input/Output tab: Fix Add Universe button adding wrong universe ID after loading a workspace (David Garyga)
  • Speed Dial & RGB Matrix & Chaser: improve tap precision (David Garyga)
  • Monitor: Fix various issues & crashes when loading a project while the Monitor is open (David Garyga)
  • Simple Desk: Fix deadlock when clicking the "Reset Universes" button (David Garyga)
  • Fixture Selection: Disable heads non pan/tilt capable in EFX and XYPad editors (David Garyga)
  • Function Live Edit: Fix crash when changing tab mode in Scene Editor (David Garyga)
  • Function Live Edit: Fix deadlock when toggling blind mode in Scene Editor (David Garyga)
  • VC Button: Allow to edit the fade out time of a stop-all-functions button with the text input (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: fix submaster level not taken into account right from project loading (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: fix chaser not taking submaster level into account (David Garyga)
  • VC Submaster: Cue Lists are now affected by Submaster faders (David Garyga)
  • VC SpeedDial: Fix copy (David Garyga)
  • VC SpeedDial: Allow linking the infinite checkbox to an external input (David Garyga)
  • VC CueList: Activate Start/Stop button feedback (David Garyga)
  • Chaser Editor: Fix string-to-speed conversion (David Garyga)
  • Chaser Editor: Fix erratic behavior when changing speed values (David Garyga)
  • [NEW] Fixture Manager: RGB panels can now have RGB, BGR, BRG, GBR, GRB, or RGBW components
  • Engine: Overall improvement to reduce the CPU usage to detect and monitor universe changes
  • Engine: fixed DMX monitor misbehaviours
  • Engine: Fix RGBMatrix randomly starting with wrong direction (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix RGBMatrix never shutting off lights when fadeout > duration (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix functions contained in chaser or audiotrigger not stopped properly (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix collection not updating its running children intensity (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix random erratic channel behavior when flashing huge scenes (David Garyga)
  • Engine: Fix EFX "jumps" when changing the speed of a running EFX (David Garyga)
  • Engine: fixed wrong behaviour of intensity channels forced back to HTP (Jano Svitok)
  • Engine: Channel modifiers moved after the Grand Master to be the last part of the DMX values processing (Jano Svitok)
  • [NEW] Plugins: plugins configuration is now saved into the project XML to give more more portability (applies to MIDI, OSC, ArtNet and E1.31)
  • [NEW] Plugins/OSC: rewritten from scratch to support infinite inputs/outputs, the loopback device and the new parameters system
  • [NEW] Plugins/ArtNet: it is now possible to set the output IP, the ArtNet universe and the transmission mode (see documentation)
  • [NEW] Plugins/E1.31: it is now possible to set the output IP, the E1.31 universe and the transmission mode (see documentation)
  • Plugins/E1.31: fixed input from a multicast address
  • [NEW] Plugins/HID: added support for DMXControl Projects e.V. Nodle U1 (thanks to Stefan Krupop)
  • [NEW] Plugins/HID: added support for Joysticks/Joypads on OSX
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: fixed all the Windows freezes encountered before (Stageprofi, Enttec Pro input, etc..)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS-QCL (thanks to Kripton)
  • New fixtures: Briteq COB PAR56 RGB, Briteq Pro Beamer Zoom, Briteq BT Theatre 100EC (thanks to Giacomo Gorini)
  • New fixture: Stairville AF-150 (thanks to Bastien Vide)
  • New fixture: Stairville LED PAR 64 Alu (thanks to Allan Rhynas)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet ColorBand Pix-M, Martin MAC 2000 Performance II, Chauvet LED Shadow, Venue THINPAR 64 (thank to Louis Gutenschwager)
  • New fixtures: Involight LED MH60S, ADJ Mega PAR Profile Plus, Robe Robin 100 LEDBeam, Eurolite TSL-100 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Elation Platinum Beam 5R, ADJ Starball LED DMX, Martin MAC Quantum Profile (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Elation Sniper 2R, ADJ Inno Scan LED, ADJ Inno Pocket Spot, ADJ Inno Pocket Wash, Chauvet Derby X (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Q-Spot 250, Chauvet Double Derby X, Starway UrbanKolor, Starway Mode B (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Stairville MH-110 Wash, Eurolite LED TMH-6, Showtec Phantom 75 LED Spot V2 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Circus, Eliminator Electro 86, ADJ Nucleus PRO (thanks to Peter Chave)
  • New fixtures: Chauvet Swarm 5 FX, Chauvet Techno Strobe 168 (thanks to Jack Logue)
  • New fixture: Laserworld ES 600B (thanks to Dingezz)
  • New fixture: American DJ H2O DMX PRO (thanks to Marty Badger)
  • New fixrure: SGM Idea Spot 250 (thanks to Adrian Kapka)
  • New fixture: Triton Blue Wally MH-20 (thanks to Jose Paris)
  • New fixture: Stairville JunoScan MKII (thanks to Alexander Grözinger)
  • New fixtures: LDDE SpectraConnecT5, Martin MAC600E (thanks to Edgar Aichinger)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Shocker 90 IRC QRG (thanks to Frédéric Combe)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Legend 412Z (thanks to Jean-Daniel Garcia)
  • New fixture: Chauvet CORE 3x3 (thanks to Ravi Radhakrishnan)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot (thanks to George Qualley)
  • New fixture: Equinox Gigabar (thanks to Justin Hornsby)
  • Fixture fix: Chauvet 4Bar (thanks to Jack Logue)
  • Fixture fix: Clay Paky Mini Scan HPE, Starway Axis 250 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • Fixture fix: High End Systems Xspot Xtreme (thank to Louis Gutenschwager)

A new direction


In the last 8 months I've been dedicating 90% of my QLC+ spare time in evaluating a new way to do lighting. The QLC+ project has indeed achieved great results in the last 2 years, but I believe there are still some areas that can be improved in terms of productivity and user friendliness.
So, for months I had my head full of visions, then I studied new technologies to fulfill them and at last I started to code what I believe will be the next generation QLC+.
I decided to come up with a short video to share with you just the tip of these visions I had: QLC+ - A new direction

Basically I am rewriting from scratch the whole QLC+ UI, thus keeping as much as possible the current engine that gives most part of the software power. One certain thing is that it will be backward compatible with the existing projects.
Thanks to the new technologies offered by the Qt libraries, the new UI will look exactly the same on all platforms, including Android and eventually iOS.
This is a monumental work, without a release date or a planned roadmap, so please don't start asking when this will be ready. I do hope to be able to reach a certain maturity level within this year, but even this, is not a promise.
Please don't ask also to include this or that feature. We've already had 2 years to gather all the requirements and, believe me, they are a lot.
The code of this new UI is now available on GitHub and for those who will follow the developments, please do not report issues about it. We'll let you know later this year when we'll start accepting issues.
I think I've said enough, even though there would be a whole lot to say. I hope to be able to do monthly updates of the development status.

QLC+ 4.8.5


And here's another load of fixes and improvements called 4.8.5.
Once again, David did an amazing job in search and destroying bugs. So kudos to him !
We gained the support for the Eurolite USB DMX512 Pro adapter thanks to Karri Kaksonen.
I also took the chance to implement the possibility to flash LTP channels.
Thanks also to everyone who shared new fixture definitions ! This release brings 50 new ones, demolishing the 500 fixtures goal that wasn't even set ! :)
To OSX users: I finally have a real Mac (yes ! A Mac Mini in all its aluminum glory !) so this is the first release made with it. I bundled Qt 5.4.1 (which finally fixes ugly toolbars) and OLA 0.9.5.
If there's anything wrong with the DMG, please let me know.


  • Engine: it is now possible to flash LTP channels as well
  • RGB Scripts: added new "Balls" script (thanks to Tim Cullingworth)
  • Collections: forward the startup intensity to children functions (David Garyga)
  • Function Manager: fix crash // disable Add Sequence button when function selection is empty (David Garyga)
  • Fixtures Manager: improve sorting of fixtures present more than 10 times (David Garyga)
  • Fixtures Manager: disable Add RGB Panel button when going in Operate Mode (David Garyga)
  • Fixtures Manager: fix changing the universe of a fixture and associated crash in Simple Desk (Thomas Achtner)
  • Chaser Editor: fix cutting of several steps at the same time (David Garyga)
  • Chaser Editor: fix crash when trying to paste a removed function (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console Animation: fix some crashes when changing a running Matrix (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console Animation: fix custom control key sequence not loading (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console Animation: fix properties of a non-running matrix not set (David Garyga)
  • Virtual Console LiveEdit: fix live editing an XYPad properties making the pad not responsive (David Garyga)
  • Show Manager: fixed rendering and playback of sequences with common duration steps
  • Show Manager: fix sequences present 2 times in Add Function selection dialog (David Garyga)
  • UI: in kiosk mode, don't show the panels tab bar
  • Engine: correctly stop videos on Linux
  • Engine: added video Single Shot and Loop playback modes
  • Engine: preserve audio and video function names given by the user
  • Plugins/DMXUSB: Added support for Eurolite USB DMX512 Pro adapter - Linux only (thanks to Karri Kaksonen)
  • Plugins/EnttecWing: using feedbacks to sync widget values and Playback Wing sliders (thanks to offtools)
  • Fixture Remap: fixed remapping of widgets into nested frames
  • New fixtures: Martin Roboscan Pro 918, American DJ Inno Spot Pro, Clay Paky Stage Color 300 AE (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Martin Mac 350 Entour, Martin Acrobat, Martin Rush MH1 Profile, Starway Minikolor, Starway MaxKolor 18 (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Clay Paky CP Color 400, Clay Paky Tornado, Clay Paky Mythos, Starway EventKolor (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Clay Paky: Stormy, Stormy CC, Show Batten 100, Pin Scan (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot, Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot, Vari-Lite VL3000 Wash (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixtures: ADB ACL4, Clay Paky SuperSharpy, Clay Paky A.leda-B-EYE K10-Easy/K10/K20, Laserworld RS400G (thanks to Thierry Rodolfo)
  • New fixture: Eurolite LED Flood Light 252 RGB 19° (thanks to Karri Kaksonen)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Wash FX (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixtures: Stairville Octagon Theater, Eurolite LED TMH-9 (thanks to Arnardo)
  • New fixtures: American DJ Monster Fun, American DJ Mega PAR profile, Chauvet SlimPAR64 RGBA, Chauvet SlimPAR 38 (thanks to 007ghg7)
  • New fixture: Chauvet COLORdash Accent RGBW (thanks to Ray Mercer)
  • New fixtures: Cameo LED RGB PAR56-9x3W, Cameo LED RGB PAR64-18x3W, Cameo LED RGB PAR64-18x8W (thanks to vag)
  • New fixture: American DJ ECO UV BAR DMX, Eurolite LED Strobe PRO DMX, JB Systems Dynamo 250 (thanks to Rob G.)
  • New fixture: Kam KMH Series (thanks to Scott McKinney)
  • New fixtures: American DJ UVLed Bar 16 and 20, Dune Lighting Fireworks Pro-II, Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX RGB (thanks to Frédéric Combe)
  • New fixtures: JB-Systems COB-Plano, American DJ UV COB Cannon (thanks to Frédéric Combe)
  • New Fixtures: Showtec LED Light Bar 8 (thanks to Adrian Kapka), Futurelight Genesis 575 (thanks to Dag Stenstad)
  • New fixture: Showtec XB-Wave (thanks to webdb22)

Forum migration


And finally the QLC+ forum has been migrated too:
The migration from Sourceforge has been painful. I tried to port as much information as possible, but unfortunately some attachments got corrupted on the way. I would say those files with a size greater than 500k. In any case the SF forum will be there in read-only, so if you need a specific file, you can still download it from there.
This doesn't mean there are problems with attachments in the new forum ! This new forum is more serious, and it also brings some standard rules in this sense.
One of them is that there is a filter on attachments. You can no longer post files without extension or videos or files with invented extensions.
One thing I couldn't port, were user credentials, so you need to register again in this new forum. You can use your previous credentials though, as long as they meet the security rules.
Since this is my first experience with this new system, please be patient if something doesn't work or if there's a missing feature. Just report your findings nicely and we'll see if it can be improved.

Website migration


I am proud to announce that the QLC+ project now has its own domain !
It came by a chance that I stumbled on some Hostinger banner and after evaluating it, it sounded like a very good deal. So now the project can count on a premium service with unlimited space, traffic and databases.
I already moved the website and all the release files.
This is just the first of 2 steps of the migration. The most important thing I want to move away from Sourceforge is the forum, but it will require a bit of time to find the proper way to move 8000+ posts without loosing data.
Sourceforge has been a bad experience. Period. Once the migration is completed, I will keep on SF only the project page and the latest release files. All the rest will be hosted on, so please update your bookmarks.
Enjoy !

Older versions