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DMX Dump

The DMX Dump functionality allows you to save the current DMX values that are being sent to the output universes at a particular moment. Basically it takes a "snapshot" of DMX channels and saves them for a later use.
DMX Dump can save values to a new Scene or overwite the values of an existing Scene. The "dumped" Scene can also be added to an existing Chaser, Virtual Console button or slider

Please note that:

When opening the DMX Dump window, the following options will appear:

Scene name Defines the name of the Scene that will be created. If no name is specified, a default name like "New Scene From Live" and a numeric identification will be set, allowing fast use of this functionality.
Select an existing Scene By clicking on this button, a Function selection window will be displayed, allowing to select an existing Scene to be overwritten with the current DMX values.

Note: Overwriting a Scene doesn't ask for confirmation and can be a potentially dangerous operation if you select the wrong Scene by mistake. So be careful when using this functionality.

When a Scene is selected, the DMX Dump window will automatically set two things for you:
  • The "Dump selected channels" option will be checked
  • The Fixtures tree will be updated, and only the channels enabled in the Scene channels will be selected. If you need to overwrite different channels, just select/unselect them manually before confirming the operation
Dump all channels If this option is selected, QLC+ will dump all the channels of all the universes and all the fixtures. To inform the user about what this option will do, a report in the form of (Universes, Fixtures, Channels) will be displayed.
Dump selected channels If this option is selected, the panel below will be activated, allowing you to choose exactly which channels that you want to be saved into a Scene. They are organized in a tree by Universes and Fixtures.
Add to This section offers you immediate use of your scene in an existing Virtual Console widget.
Options are:
  • Chaser: The list contains all the chasers present when DMX Dump window is opened. Each Chaser has a checkbox that, if checked, will tell QLC+ to add the newly created Scene to the selected chasers.
    This feature is very useful when using Cue Lists in the Virtual Console panel, because the newly created Scene will appear in the Cue List for immediate use during a live performance.

  • Button: The list contains all the buttons currently present in your Virtual Console space.
    When selected, the buttons will be set to activate/deactivate the Scene just captured. You will see the button label chaning to "Scene from live ..." and a progress number to identify it.
    Note: Any previous function associated to the selected buttons will be overwritten !

  • Slider: The list contains all the sliders currently present in your Virtual Console space.
    As with buttons, all the selected sliders will be set to control the Scene just captured.
    Note 1: A slider must be in playback mode to work as an intensity controller for a Scene.
    Note 2: Any previous function associated with the selected sliders will be overwritten !
Dump only non-zero values This option will tell QLC+ to save only the channels with values that are not equal to zero.
If you know what you're doing, this could save project space and avoid channels conflicts with other Virtual Console widgets.

Version: 4.11.2 GIT (QLC+_4.11.0-456-gebff965) Last update: 2018-02-24 17:21:56 +0100