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Virtual Console Button

A Button is the simplest and at the same time one of the most powerful widget in QLC+; with it, you can start, stop and flash your Functions.
When activated in toggle mode, the Button border will turn to green, but if a Function attached to a Button is started from another Virtual Console widget, the Button border will turn to orange, to indicate that the Function is active but not actually controlled by the Button. Pressing a Button in "monitoring" state will take control of the running Function and the Button border will turn to green. Another press and the attached Function will be stopped.


Buttons can be configured with the properties button found in the toolbar or by double clicking the button itself.

Button label Set the friendly name of the button. The name appears on the button in Virtual Console. NOTE: If you set an icon to a button with the Edit -> Icon -> Choose menu, the icon will override this label.
Function Shows you the name of the Function that is currently assigned to the button.

Attach a Function to the button
Detach the current Function from the button

External input You can attach an external input channel from an input device (like a slider board) to buttons so that you don't always have to use the mouse, touch screen or keyboard to access the buttons.
  • Input universe: The input universe that you wish to provide input data to the button.
  • Input channel: The individual input channel within the selected input universe that you wish to use for controlling the button.
  • Auto Detect: When toggled, you can just press a button on your external input hardware and it will be automatically assigned to the button. The latest combination is shown in the text boxes when QLC+ receives input data. If you don't see anything in the boxes, your input connection might have a problem that you need to fix first.
  • Choose...: Shows the Select Input Channel dialog that you can use to select an input channel manually.
Key combination You can attach a keyboard key (or key combination) to the button, which then acts as if you clicked the button directly with your mouse.

Attach a keyboard key (or key combination) to the button
Detach the current key combination from the button

On button press...
  • Toggle Function on/off: When you click the button, the attached Function is started. When you click the button a second time, the Function is stopped, unless it has already stopped by itself.
  • Flash Function: You can "flash" the attached Scene when you keep the button pressed. If another type of Function is attached to the button, nothing happens when you click it.
  • Toggle Blackout: When you click the button, QLC+ will toggle the blackout mode
  • Stop All Functions: When you click the button, all the Functions that are running in QLC+ will be stopped immediately. It is possible to specify a fade out time to wait for all the intensity channels to reach a zero level
Adjust Function intensity If checked, this feature will adjust the intensity of the assigned Function just before playing it when the button is pressed.

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