Open the curtains

QLC+ has been designed around users needs, feedbacks and ideas. A major use case has been identified in the theatre workflow, where there are actors on a stage, performing a sequence of acts.
In lighting terms, this method of work needs the possibility to quickly set up scenes (also called cues in theatres), test them, modify them on the fly, and finally play them flawlessly.

Scenes and channel groups

With the powerful QLC+ Scene Editor, you can easily create and modify a scene for your show. Just add the fixtures and enable the channels you are going to control. Then you just need to unleash your fantasy and create the most colorful and stunning scenes !

It is easy to reach the desired results with the numerous functionalities offered by the Scene editor:

  • Color selection tool. Just 2 clicks to immediately set a RGB/CMY color
  • Advanced copy & paste, also for single channels
  • If you're a keyboard lover, the TAB key will help you to quickly move between channel values
  • With many fixtures of the same type, Channel groups will considerably reduce your editing time

Chasers and Cue lists

The most appropriate function that QLC+ offers for reproducing sequential scenes (or cues) is named Chaser.
When designing a light show, each scene in a chaser can have a fade in/out time, a hold time and even a personal note for you to quickly identify where you are.
To live test a chaser, QLC+ has a specific widget, named Cue list, that you can place and customize in your Virtual Console.
A cue list allows you to control the reproduction of each cue either manually or automatically. It also allows you to perform manual cross-fades between a cues, to perfectly adapt your light show to what is happening on the stage.
Every QLC+ widget in the Virtual Console can be controlled either with the mouse (or touchscreen) or with an external controller of your choice. You can choose between several protocols like MIDI, OSC, ArtNet or DMX.

DMX dump and live editing

Did you really think that was all ? Not at all !
QLC+ goes beyond the basic concept of designing and performing live.
It allows you to work also on the borderline between the two worlds.
With the DMX dump functionality you can save an instant shot of a scene you just created in live mode.
A scene created in this way can be automatically added to an existing chaser, thus appearing straight into your Cue list, or can be attached to an existing Virtual Console widget like a button or a slider.
The live editing functionality, instead, allows you to tweak your scenes and chasers during a live performance. For example if you realized your moving heads are not pointing the right direction, you can easily modify their position by live editing the function where they are used.