Time is the key !

Imagine your lights fading to colors on the beats of a metronome.
Imagine your heads moving and waving while following the delicate figures of dancers on a music ballet.
Imagine your videos, water or flames entertainment accompained by an immersive and complementary synchronized light show.
Well, QLC+ does that, thanks to the Show feature.

Create a show
A Show represents a multitrack sequence of lights and audio over a timeline. This is very useful when dealing with timed sources like a metronome, audio or video.

Add as many tracks as you want
A track holds all the sequences and audio files to be reproduced at precise moments in time. A track can be soloed of muted like most sequencers do.

Sequences and audio
Add new sequences and program your lights to do what you want at a precise moment in time.
Add audio files if you want to synchronize your lights and to deliver a full audio/visual show all by using just QLC+.

Editing is easy
With the built in sequences editor, programming lights in QLC+ is a piece of cake. Tune the fade in, hold and fade out timings to create scene transactions or flashing lights at the desired speed.
You might want to add some notes to remember when something important is happening, so hundreds of steps will be quickly managed
The most common functions like add, remove, copy, cut and paste are available to speed up your show programming

Get to completeness
QLC+ multitrack Show view has a number of useful tools to help editing and managing your shows.
You can snap graphics items to grid, to get the best time alignment.
Choose if you want to program on a tempo or BPM based timeline, copy, paste and delete sequences and audio, customize the view colours and so on.
When you're ready to test your light, just hit play ! You can also stop and resume at any point to save precious time during programming.

Enjoy !