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Video Editor

The video editor, as its name suggests, is used to edit Video functions.


Start/stop the video playback. If the file doesn't exist or an invalid URL has been entered, this button will have no effect
Video name Change the name of the Video function. By default this is set with the file name, until it is manually changed.
File name If the attached file is local, displays the absolute path of the video file. A local source file can be changed by clicking on the "..." button on the right side.
It is also possible to stream a video from the network. Just click on the button and enter a valid HTTP URL.
Duration Displays the video file duration in the typical QLC+ way. For example: 04m14s.22.
Resolution Displays the resolution in pixels detected on the attached video file.
Note: since QLC+ relies on the Qt libraries to play video sources, there is a known issue for which Qt is not able to detect the size (and codecs) of videos in Windows and Mac OSX.
Basically a size of "0x0" will be displayed. The fullscreen video playback will be OK though.
On detection failure, a default size of 640x480 pixels is internally set to allow the windowed mode to work.
Hopefully this will be fixed by the Qt team in the future.
Video codec Displays the codec used to compress the video stream into the attached video file.
Audio codec Displays the codec used to compress the audio stream into the attached video file.
Screen Allows to select the output screen where the video should be playback. This will normally displays just one choice unless multiple video outputs (monitors, projectors) are connected to the system
Video Output Allows to choose how the attached video should be displayed. Possible options are
  • Windowed: a window with the original size of the video will be displayed on the selected output screen.
  • Fullscreen: The video will use the whole screen size, without showing any window decoration (title bar, etc)
Playback mode Allows to choose how the attached video should be played. Possible options are
  • Single shot: The video will be played just once
  • Loop: The video playback will be restarted from the beginning when reaching the end. The loop mode will continue indefinitely until the Video function is stopped.

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