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Virtual Console Frame

A Frame is a container that can hold a variety of widgets, including other frames, inside. In fact, the whole Virtual Console is already your bottom-most frame. Also, if you apply some styling attributes to a frame, all of its children (which have not had their own non-default style settings applied) also inherit their parent's style properties.


Frames can be configured with the properties button found in the toolbar or by double clicking the frame itself.

Other than the standard styling & placement options, Frames have the following additional options, divided into 2 tabs:

Appearance tab

Pages tab

Virtual Console Frames can be turned into multi-page widgets, useful when dealing with a lot of widgets or controllers supporting pages.
The multi-page functionality is disabled by default, but can be enabled in this tab.
Following the options to configure this functionality:

Header Controls

By default a Frame is displayed with a header. Following a brief description of the default and optional controls that can be used either in Operate or Design mode.

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