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uDMX output plugin

1 Introduction

The uDMX Output plugin supports the Anyma uDMX USB-DMX interface on Linux and Mac OS X.

2 Requirements

2.1 Linux

On all Linux distributions, you need to install libusb. If you install QLC+ with the Ubuntu Software Center or some other automatic installer tool, this library will be installed automatically for you.

2.2 Mac OS X

On the Apple Mac OS X, you don't need any drivers at all since QLC+ uses the OS X native USB interface.

2.3 Windows

This device is not yet supported on Windows.

3 Tuning

It is possible to change the DMX frame frequency for all uDMX devices with a hidden settings key on each platform. The key tells QLC+ how many times each DMX frame (512 channels) should be sent to the universe per second. A value of "30" means 30 times per second (30Hz). Please refer to the Manual parameters tuning uDMX section

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