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Select Function(s)

Whenever a Function needs to be selected, for example when you're adding steps to a Chaser, using the Chaser Editor, the Select Function dialog is used.

Sometimes the destination that you are selecting the function for might allow the selection of multiple functions, for example, when adding steps to a Chaser or functions to a Collection. In these cases, the order in which the functions are selected will also be the order in which they are added to their destination. On the other hand, when attaching a function to a button in the Virtual Console, you may select only one function at a time.

Refer to your operating system manual for documentation on how to select multiple items in a list.


Functions to display There are two radio buttons on the top of the window: All functions and Running functions.
By clicking on them, the list below will be filled only with the desired functions.
For example, when performing a Live edit, you might want to display only the running functions.
Obviously, in design mode, selecting "Running functions" will show an empty list.
Function list
  • Name: The names of available functions
  • Type: The type of each of the available functions
Filter You can filter the function list so that only those function types that have been checked are shown. Filtering is especially useful if you have lots of functions to select from.
  • Scenes: Display Scene functions in the selection list
  • Chasers: Display Chaser functions in the selection list
  • EFX's: Display EFX functions in the selection list
  • Collections: Display Collection functions in the selection list
  • RGB Matrices: Display RGB matrix functions in the selection list
  • Show: Display Show functions in the selection list
  • Audio: Display Audio functions in the selection list

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