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Peperoni output plugin

1 Introduction

The Peperoni Output plugin supports USB-DMX output devices produced by Peperoni Light.

2 Requirements

2.1 Linux

On all Linux distributions, you need to install libusb. If you install QLC+ with the Ubuntu Software Center or some other automatic installer tool, this library will be installed automatically for you.

2.2 Mac OS X

Nothing special is needed for Mac OS X. All required components are already inside the Q Light Controller Plus application bundle because QLC+ uses the OS X native USB interface.

2.3 Windows

You must install the Peperoni USBDMX Windows drivers. Usually these come on a CD along with the Peperoni device you've bought.
If after installing the driver, QLC+ still doesn't detect your Peperoni device, copy the usbdmx.dll file you find inside the driver ZIP package (i386 folder) into the main QLC+ folder.

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