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Main Window

The QLC+ Main Window consists of three main parts:

  1. A Menu bar containing buttons for global functions
  2. Active panels selected by their respective tabs
  3. Tabs that allow the selection of one of the QLC+ panels

Most of the controls throughout the software have tooltips, which pop up after holding your mouse cursor over them for a short while.

Menu bar (1)

The menu bar on the top of the workspace window contains the following buttons (from left to right):

New workspace (CTRL+N)
Open an existing workspace (hold the button longer for a list of recent files) (CTRL+O)
Save the current workspace (CTRL+S)
Save the current workspace with a new name

DMX Monitor (CTRL+M)
DMX Address tool
Audio triggers

Toggle full screen mode (CTRL+F11)
View this documentation (Shift+F1)
View information about QLC+

Live Edit: allows you to modify a function while QLC+ is in Operate Mode
Live Edit Virtual Console: allows you to modify the Virtual Console while QLC+ is in Operate Mode. Click to Toggle
Stop All Functions (CTRL+Shift+ESC)
Toggle Blackout
Switch between Design Mode and Operate Mode (CTRL+F12)

Active Panel (2)

Everything happens here. Which panel is active depends on which tab is currently selected.

Panel Tabs (3)

At the bottom of main window you can find easy eye catching icons for switching between QLC+ contexts.
By double clicking on a tab, a context can be detached on a separate window. To reattach a detached context, just close the window.
QLC+ contexts appear in the following order (from left to right):

View the Fixture Manager
View the Function Manager
View the Show Manager
View the Virtual Console
View the Simple Desk
View the Input/Output configuration manager

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