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Fixture Manager

The fixture manager is the heart of QLC+'s fixture-oriented architecture. As its name already says, you can manage (add, remove and edit) your lighting fixtures from the fixture manager. On the left side of the manager there is a list that displays all of the fixtures in the current workspace. When a fixture is selected, the right side of the window displays the details of the selected fixture. When a Fixture Group is selected, the right side of the window is occupied by the Fixture Group Editor.


Add new Fixture(s) to the workspace with the Add/Edit Fixture dialog.
Add a RGB panel to the workspace with with the Add RGB Panel dialog.
Remove the selected fixtures from the workspace. This also removes the fixtures from ALL groups they have been assigned to.
Edit the currently selected fixture's properties with the Add/Edit Fixture dialog.
Opens the Channel Properties Configuration window.
Assign the selected fixtures to a Fixture Group displayed in a popup menu. If you have no groups defined yet, you can choose to create a new one from the menu that opens when this button is clicked.
Resign (remove) the selected fixtures from the group they are currently in. Note that removing fixtures from a group will NOT destroy the fixtures completely. Also, removal from one group will not affect the fixtures' memberships to other groups.
Move the selected Channel Group up
Move the selected Channel Group down
Imports a fixture list file (.qxfl) into QLC+. Please note that fixture addresses conflicts are not handled, so it is suggested to use this functionality on an empty project.
Exports the list of fixtures currently available on a QLC+ project into a file with extension .qxfl. This file can be used afterward with the import functionality.
Opens the Fixtures remapping window.

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