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Fixture Editor

Fixture Editor windows contain everything needed to edit one Fixture Definition at a time. The windows are separated in three tabs: General, Channels and Modes.

Controls - General Tab

Manufacturer The fixture's manufacturer name. For example "FooCompany".
Model The fixture's model name. For example "FooZapper 2000".
Type The fixture's generic type.

Controls - Channels Tab

The channels tab contains all possible channels that the fixture understands in all of its modes. The channel order doesn't matter in this tab at all. Instead, channels are arranged in certain order in each mode in the Mode tab. On the Channel tab, only the channel names, their capabilities (i.e. value ranges and their purpose) matter.

Channel list Shows all of the channels that the fixture understand in all of its modes. Each channel item also shows all of its capabilities in a sub tree.
Add a new channel to the fixture using the Channel Editor.
Remove the selected channels from the fixture and from all modes.
Edit the currently selected channel using the Channel Editor
Copy the currently selected channel to the clipboard. Channels in the clipboard can also be pasted to other fixture definition windows.
Paste a channel from clipboard to the fixture definition. Channels in the clipboard can also be pasted to other fixture definition windows.
Open or close all of the channel nodes in the channel list.

Controls - Modes Tab

The modes tab contains all modes the fixture can be configured to.

Mode list Displays all modes for the currently edited fixture. Each mode item can be opened to display the set and order of channels in that mode.
  • Name: The name of the mode (each name must be unique)
  • Channels: Number of channels in each mode
  • Create a new mode for the fixture, using the Mode Editor.
    Remove the currently selected mode from the fixture. Removing a mode does not destroy any channels or other modes.
    Edit the currently selected mode, using the Mode Editor.
    Create a copy of the currently selected mode to the same fixture. Since modes are tightly coupled to a certain fixture's channels, modes cannot be copied across fixtures.
    Open or close all mode items.

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