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DMX USB input/output plugin

1 Introduction

The DMX USB plugin supports a variety of FTDI-based USB-to-DMX devices:

2 Configuration

DMX USB devices should be automatically detected from QLC+ and displayed in the input/output panels list.
If for some reason the auto-detection fails, you can "force" the type of your DMX USB adapter manually.
Click on the name of your device and open the configuration dialog by clicking on the icon on the bottom-right side of the panel.
You will see a list of DMX USB devices currently connected to your computer. Each one has a drop down menu where you can force the device type.
Here's the meaning of each one:

Note for OSX users: If your adapter is detected but doesn't produce any output, most likely you'll find the solution in the Questions and Answers page.

3 Requirements

3.1 Linux

On all Linux distributions, you need to install libftdi. If you install QLC+ with the Ubuntu Software Center or some other automatic installer tool, this library will be installed automatically for you.
In some cases, if the device doesn't output anything, it might be useful to add your user to the "dialout" group with the following command:

sudo adduser your_user_name dialout

3.2 Mac OS X

On the Apple Mac OS X, you don't need any drivers at all since QLC+ uses the OS X native USB interface. Installing the D2XX drivers should cause no harm, but DO NOT INSTALL VCP drivers as they will definitely interfere with QLC+. If you have previously installed the VCP drivers, consult the FTDI installation guides on how to uninstall them.

OSX Mavericks (or later) issues: please check Questions & answers #4

3.3 Windows

On Microsoft Windows, the plugin needs the latest D2XX drivers from FTDI. Consult the FTDI installation guides on how to install the drivers. DO NOT INSTALL VCP drivers as they will probably interfere with the D2XX interface.

4 ENTTEC DMX USB Pro supported modes

Following a grid showing the IO modes supported by QLC+ for devices like DMX USB Pro and Pro Mk2.
If a mode is not listed here, it means it is not supported by QLC+ or the device itself because of hardware limitations, so please do not report them as issues in the QLC+ forum.

DMX1 IN o o o o o
DMX1 OUT o o o o o
DMX2 OUT (1) ooo
MIDI IN (2) ooo o o o
MIDI OUT (2) oo o o o o

(1) DMX2 OUT is available only on DMX USB Mk2 Pro
(2) MIDI IN and MIDI OUT are available only on DMX USB Mk2 Pro with a 5-way breakout cable. MIDI OUT signals are sent from 1 to 512 as described in the MIDI plugin channels map

5 Tuning

Note: Manual tuning should never be performed except for some very particular cases. Use it at your own risk !
It is possible to change the DMX frame frequency for Enttec Open (and like) devices with a hidden settings key on each platform. The key tells QLC+ how many times each DMX frame (512 channels) should be sent to the universe per second. A value of "30" means 30 times per second (30Hz).
Please refer to the Manual parameters tuning DMX USB Enttec Open section

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