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Capability Editor

With the Capability Editor you can define a value range for a certain functionality provided by a fixture channel. For example, if values 0-15 produce a white color capability, you might put:


Min The minimum value of the capability
Max The maximum value of the capability
Description The name or description of the capability. Don't be too elaborate, just a few words will do.

Click & Go capability

The Click & Go functionality for a channel starts from the Capability Editor.
When a channels group is set to Gobo, Color or Effect, it is possible to assign the color or a picture that will be displayed by Click & Go on Scene Editor, Simple Desk and Virtual Console Slider.
This allows very quick visual feedback, and will avoid you having to remember the meaning of each range of values.
When a channel can support Click & Go, some additional controls will appear on the right side of the Capability Editor, displaying 3 buttons and a preview box. Here's the meaning of each one:

Picture ... By clicking on this button you can select a picture for this range of values, to be displayed by Click & Go for visual association and quick access
Color By clicking on this button you can select the first color for this range of values. When the first color is set, the 'Second color' button will be enabled. See below.
Second color When clicking on this button you can select a second color for those cases where a fixture supports it. For example, this is quite useful for moving heads whose color wheels support intermediate positions.

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