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Audio Editor

The audio editor, as its name suggests, is used to edit Audio functions.
It offers basic controls and shows information about the attached audio file.


Start/stop the audio file playback. If the file doesn't exist, this button will have no effect
Audio name Change the name of the Audio function. By default this is set with the file name, until it is manually changed.
File name Displays the absolute path of the current file attached to this Audio function. The source file can be changed by clicking on the "..." button on the right side.
Duration Displays the audio file duration in the typical QLC+ way. For example: 04m14s.22.
Channels Displays the number of channels detected from the attached audio file. 2 means stereo and 1 means mono.
Sample Rate Displays the sample frequency of the attached audio file, in Hertz. For example: 44100Hz, 48000Hz, etc
Bitrate Displays the bitrate of the attached audio file, in Kb/s. Audio files can have a constant bitrate (CBR) or a variable bitrate (VBR). In the latter case, an average bitrate is displayed.
Loop Loop audio playback until explicitly stopped.
Show/Hide the Speed Dial widget, used to facilitate the audio fade in/out parameters tuning
Fade In Text box to enter a fade in time for the audio playback. Times can be entered in a QLC+ way (e.g. 3s.55) or in seconds (e.g. entering '2' and pressing Enter will turn into 02s.00)
Fade Out Text box to enter a fade out time for the audio playback. Times can be entered like in the Fade In box
Audio Device Select a specific audio output device to be used to play the attached audio file. This list is the same you can find in the Audio Input/Output panel

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