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ArtNet input/output plugin


QLC+ supports the ArtNet protocol through an input/output plugin that receives and transmits packets on the network.
No extra requirements are needed, since QLC+ has a native implementation of the ArtNet protocol that works on Linux, Windows and OSX systems.
The ArtNet plugin can send and receive packets from multiple network cards, virtual addresses, the loopback device ( and multiple universes per network interface.
By default, ArtNet packets are transmitted as UDP, using the default port 6454 and the broadcast address of the selected inteface (e.g. When using the loopback device packets are always transmitted using address
When transmitting multiple universes on the same interface, the packets will be sent by default with an ArtNet Universe ID equal to the QLC+ universe number minus 1.

For example:
QLC+ Universe 1 --> ArtNet Universe 0
QLC+ Universe 2 --> ArtNet Universe 1
QLC+ Universe 8 --> ArtNet Universe 7

This choice is due to some facts:
1- The first valid ArtNet universe is 0 and not 1
2- The first universe accepted by commercial ArtNet-DMX devices like eDMX and ODE is 0, so to have QLC+ to work out of the box, the first ArtNet universe must be 0.

If the above settings don't meet the requirements of your network, please read the following chapter.


When clicking on the configuration button, a small dialog will be displayed, showing 2 tabs: the Universes Configuration and the Nodes Tree.

Universes Configuration: after a QLC+ universe is patched with an ArtNet input or output, an entry will be displayed in this list, allowing to manually configure the desired parameters to be used by the ArtNet plugin.
Input lines do not have particular parameters, while an output line can be configured wth the following:

Settings that are different from the plugin defaults, will be stored in your QLC+ workspace, to increase the portability of a project across different platforms, such as different operating systems or a PC and a Raspberry Pi.

Nodes Tree: This tab displays the ArtNet nodes discovered on the network, grouped by network interface.
QLC+ will always appear in this list as a node participating to the network.
ArtNet nodes are added to this list if they support the ArtPoll/ArtPollReply message, otherwise they won't appear. This doesn't mean you will not able to communicate with them.


If you own one of these devices, they both have configuration tools that might come handy when working with QLC+. With them you can set several parameters to match the best configuration to input/output data from/to QLC+.
For example if you want QLC+ universe 3 to output data on the first port of a eDMX, you need to use the tool below to change the device universe address to 2.

Here the links to download the tools:
DMXKing eDMX Configuration tool
ENTTEC Node Management Utility


QLC+ has been tested with the following ArtNet softwares/devices:

Version: 4.11.2 GIT (QLC+_4.11.0-456-gebff965) Last update: 2018-02-24 17:21:56 +0100