About me


My name is Massimo Callegari and I am a developer for a living since 13 years.
I am a FOSS enthusiast and I've contributed to several projects like:

  • KDE, with the Symbol Viewer sidebar plugin for Kate
  • SMB4K, just for a while
  • MKV ToolNix, by adding the Transport Stream parsing support

Also, I have written a Java software on my own, for music training: ScoreDate

QLC+ credits


The greatest and honoured credit goes surely to Heikki Junnila, creator of QLC, who donated a lot of his time and his excellent programming skills to the open source community

Thanks to the core developers:

  • Jano Svitok
  • David Garyga
Thanks to the fixtures reviewers:
  • Robert Box
Thanks to the translation team:
  • Heiko Fanieng, Jannis Achstetter (German translation)
  • NiKoyes, Jérôme Lebleu (French translation)
  • Joep Admiraal, Raymond Van Laake (Dutch translation)
  • Luis García Tornel (Spanish translation)
  • Jan Lachman (Czech translation)
  • Nuno Almeida (Portuguese translation)
  • Santiago Benejam Torres (Catalan translation)
  • Koichiro Saito (Japanese translation)
Thanks to the testing team:
  • Santiago Benejam Torres
  • Lukas Jähn
  • Karri Kaksonen
  • George Qualley
  • Matteo Portaluppi
  • Kristopher Steinke
  • Andrea Ugolini
QLC+ took the chance to introduce a new look & feel, thanks to the hard work of excellent people who did great icons and concepts.
Mostly, QLC+ uses icons from Humanity iconset
The QLC+ logo is based on the bulb icon made by Jojo Mendoza (aka Deleket)
The audio input code is based on the libbeat project by Maximilian Güntner
The QLC+ web server that makes web access possible is based on the qhttpserver project and on Node JS's http-parser, both licensed under the MIT terms
The range slider widget is courtesy of The Common Toolkit team
Cross platform HID support thanks to the HID API code by Alan Ott @ signal11

Thanks to all these people !